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AI in Marketing
for Small Businesses

AI is the Present not the Future. Unlock all its potential to grow your business. No Tech Experience needed.
In 1 session, learn all the key tools and techniques to immediately start optimising your business Sales & Marketing processes

→ 3h Online live training (with a "real" human)
→ No AI or tech experience needed
→ Real-life and practical examples
→ Immediately actionable

Proudly certified:

“In a funny way, it made me feel dumb, as I realised I was missing so many easy opportunities to improve my business”

Ugo Ziller - Co-Founder of Head of Sales


Make Your Marketing Smarter, Not Harder

Developed and delivered by a “real” human, this training can be more than just a learning experience and truly change the path of your business to immediately start unlocking growth, saving you time and optimising your processes.

As it doesn’t require any previous experience in AI or any advanced tech skills, this course is ideal for business leaders and manager like you, aware that times are changing and eager to keep upgrading themselves, never letting  their business stay behind the competition.

What Will You Gain?
  • In-depth Understanding of AI: Starting from the basics, we’ll guide you through key concepts and applications of AI in marketing.
  • Hands-On Skills with ChatGPT: Master ChatGPT, learning how to integrate it into your business effectively and safely.
  • Toolbox Expansion: Apart from ChatGPT, we’ll introduce you to other essential AI tools that can optimize various aspects of your business.
  • Risk Management: Gain insights into the potential risks associated with AI and how to navigate them safely.
  • Growth Opportunities: Understand clearly how AI can unlock new areas, new audiences, new channels…new ways of scaling your business.
About AI and ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the frontier of digital innovation, driving growth and efficiency across all sectors. It refers to the broad concept of machines performing tasks in a way that we would consider "smart" or indicative of human intelligence. This encompasses everything from machine learning algorithms that analyze data to predict trends, to natural language processing that understands and generates human-like text.

ChatGPT, a specific application of AI created by OpenAI, exemplifies this intelligence through conversation. It's a sophisticated language model that can understand prompts, answer questions, compose emails, and even create content with nuances akin to human writing. While AI is the overarching technology, ChatGPT is a tool within that framework, designed to interact and perform language-based tasks with remarkable proficiency, just like Bard, Google's alternative to ChatGPT

Training Agenda

  1. Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
    • Key Concepts and Misconceptions: Demystify AI and understand its true potential in business.
  2. Key changes in Marketing in the AI era
    • State of the Art and Leading Trends: Discover how AI is reshaping marketing strategies and practices.
  3. Strategic AI Application
    • Identifying when (and when not) to use AI for my work
    • Sales, Marketing and Communication: Learn when and how to effectively integrate AI into your business strategies.
  4. Mastering ChatGPT & Google Bard
    • Best Practices & Common Mistakes: Avoid pitfalls and maximize efficiency.
    • Crafting Perfect Prompts: Learn the art of effective communication with AI.
    • ChatGPT Integrations: Combine ChatGPT with 1000s of other tools.
    • [Exclusive Prompt Library: Receive a handy guide with +10,000 ready prompts – Worth +£100]
  1. Exploring Other Essential AI Tools
    • Broaden your toolkit with additional AI resources to optimise your business processes.
  1. AI Risks & Safety Practices
    • Stay informed about potential risks and learn best practices for safe AI use.
  1. Practical examples & Cases
    • Hands-on experience with practical examples and case studies to illustrate real-world applications of AI in marketing

  2. Interactive Q&A Session
    • Get your specific questions answered and gain deeper insights.

Why do you need this training

In simple terms: if you’re not on AI right now, you staying behind.
All industries are rapidly evolving and adopting AI as a natural and necessary part of their company structure, even for Small and Medium Businesses.

In this live session, you will discover how you can start navigating comfortably and with ease through the AI landscape and unleash the tools and practices to keep your business ahead of the competition.

You will learn how to use AI to:

      • Solve recurrent and/or time-consuming tasks and issues in your business.
      • Understand how you can generate valuable actionable ideas to improve your Marketing
      • Create high-quality content to boost your website
      • Find new ways to reach more people and promote your products and services
      • How to save time, resources and money, doing much more with less
      • Staying safe while exploring new AI technologies
Staying updated with the latest technologies is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Our “AI in Marketing for Small Businesses” training is designed to give you that competitive edge.

Who is it for

  • SME Directors,
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Content Creators
    and anyone who needs or has an interest to understand how AI is revolutionising the way we do Marketing.

It’s a very complete course, adequate for beginners, so everyone is welcome regardless of their previous experience with Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

To take more value from it, it’s important your business already has a website and/or some online marketing activities running, but not required.


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The Price

General training

  • Max 10 people
  • 3h training
  • 15min break
  • 30min for Q&A and Networking
  • Access to the recording
  • Dates Available: Last Thursday and Friday of every month, 1 session per day

Bespoke Team or 1to1 training

  • Exclusive to you and your team, with real examples using your channels
  • 1-5 people
  • 4h training
  • Fully bespoke session
  • 30min for Q&A
  • Access to the recording
  • Contact to book a date

The Presenters


David Mendonça,
Co-Founder and CEO of PunchUp

Over 11 years of experience in Digital Marketing, helping hundreds of UK businesses of all sizes and industries to scale and level up, implementing tailor-made strategies and upskilling their internal marketing teams.

With AI emerging across all markets, in the past 2 years David has been focused on researching, testing and structuring how to build and deploy the most effective AI-powered growth strategies for SMEs.

punchup (1)

Stanislas Gautier
Head of Technology @ PunchUp

During the more than 6 years as Sales and Growth Manager in top scaleups, Stan became obsessed with researching, building and perfectioning the the most effective growth strategy, helping hundreds of companies in the last 3 years building innovative solutions to make them scale sustainably.

Passionate with all new trends and the big opportunities they bring, Stan is constantly monitoring and experimenting every new AI tool he finds, making him a top expert into adapting AI tools to any complex needs and technical tasks.

Bespoke trainings can be delivered in

Discussion and in-depth analyses are polished and validated in our ultimate plans.


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AI in Marketing for Small Businesses

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