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The Uppercut – Business Growth Coaching Programme for SMEs

Success-proven programme for SMEs
to scale without hiring

A unique approach to scale small businesses 

without any of the fears or commitments of having to hire or risking too much too soon.

Onboard a temporary team of industry experts to upskill your teams and give your business the training, the tools, the strategies and the implementation support you need to grow to new heights, sustainably.

It’s bespoke for every business. Let’s talk about yours.

Success-proven you say?
They say it!

Don't believe us, just check out our customer testimonials.


"It's so much more than training"

Inês Macedo |
Head of Digital @Cubefunder

"The end result of the work was amazing"

Loïc Limbio |
Co-founder @Verseau Paris

"I thought I knew everything about my business..but I was mind-blown"

Marion Sarlé |
Co-founder @Les Sourciers
Design sem nome (37)

"They helped us prove the viability or our business"

Ibrahima Touré |
Co-founder @FlexMo


"We really needed this help to find the right positioning"

Edouard Rowlandson |
Co-founder @Sport & Green

Who is it for?

Small & Medium Businesses with limited Marketing & Sales resources looking for the smartest and more sustainable ways to grow.

Companies in need of any of these:

How does it work?

1. Discovery Call

Let’s talk about you, your business, your team, your goals. Every business is different and so will be the right path to sustainable growth.

2. Audits, Bespoke Programme & Strategy Definition

Sleeves rolled up, let’s dive into your current marketing and sales strategy, identify weaknesses and opportunities across all channels and use that to shape our fully customised coaching and support programme

3. Specialised Training & Strategy Deployment

By this point, we know exactly what you need to get there. Our team and yours become one, with a personalised approach to training and upskilling your teams so together we can deploy a successful strategy to deliver growth.

4. Continuous Implementation Support & Optimisation

A growth strategy never ends. We’ll guide you through fully implement all the necessary steps and once that’s done, it’s a continuous work of A/B testing, tracking and optimising.

An enrollment from 1 to 12 months, depending on the plan, where our team of experts becomes part of your company, filling in the skill and resource gaps currently blocking you from scaling.

Through specialised training and precise coaching, fully personalised, your teams will get long-term benefits and get on the right track to deliver growth

Examples of markets we work the most with

SaaS B2B


Sustainable / Eco




Beauty & Wellbeing


Our Specialised Trainings

Get as many as your team needs, always bespoke and focused on your business.
Any business, any size or industry. Individual or Group Trainings.

Growth Marketing Strategies

Learn the frameworks and the pillars to understand your business and see the right path for growth

CRM & Email Marketing Automation

Learn how to boost your Lead Nurturing with any of the popular CRMs (Hubspot, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Brevo, Klaviyo)

Tracking & Web Analytics

Learn how to fully track your results and gain key actionable insights. Training on (Google Analytics 4, Tag Manager, Matomo, and more)

Website Conversion Optimisation

Understand how to get your visitors to take actions on your site. Learn how to optimise the UX and your return without big changes.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Learn all the strategy, the key tactics and the tools needed to start ranking in the first pages for your main keywords. (includes Search Console Training)

Paid Advertising & Remarketing

Master the setup and management of PPC campaigns across multiple platforms and formats. Search, Display, Shopping...Google, Meta, Linkedin, Bing.

Website Content Management

Learn how to use any of the most popular CMS. (WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace..) and be fully independent to manage and grow your website.

eCommerce Optimisation

Learn how to improve your online shop UX and all the best practices to make it sell more. Training on Shopify and Woocommerce.

Social Media Marketing & Influencers

Learn how to make the most of each of the main social media channels to boost both visibility and conversions (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok...)

AI in Marketing for Small Businesses

AI is here to stay, don't let your business stay behind. Unlock the power of automation and optimise your team's and your business performance by adding AI to your processes.

Green / Sustainable IT

Show your business really cares by adopting the right practices and tools that protect or "harm less" the environment. Every small change makes a difference

Fully bespoke training sessions

Learn how to make the most of each of the main social media channels to boost both visibility and conversions (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok...)

But it's so much more than training

Full Website & Marketing Audits

  • Comprehensive analysis of your website and sales & marketing strategies.
  • In-depth examination of SEO, user experience, ads performance, content quality and more.
  • Actionable recommendations and quick wins to immediately enhance online performance.
  • Uncover hidden growth opportunities for your digital presence.

Hands-on Strategy Building

  • Collaborative strategy development tailored to your objectives.
  • Data-driven plans, backed by the audits, for website optimisation, ad campaigns, content marketing, social media, and more.
  • Active involvement in executing the strategies.
  • Ensuring strategies translate into tangible growth.

Permanent Support & Consultancy

  • Ongoing partnership for long-term digital success.
  • 7 days a week support with exclusive WhatsApp and Slack channels.
  • Support for continuous optimisation and adaptation to market changes.
  • Keeping your teams engaged and your digital presence thriving and evolving.

Still wondering why we're different?

It’s bespoke for every business. Let’s talk about yours.

Pricing? Also bespoke, of course

The below is just an indication on how we can build your customised program.

Individual Training Sessions

  • Specialised online training sessions, 1to1 or in group, based on your team needs.
  • More than 20 Topics Available
  • Live Sessions with 1 or 2 experts
  • Recording available after
  • Personalised to your business
  • Minimum 2h session
  • Certificate of Completion
  • (£85 for additional hour)

From £250 /session

Growth Coaching & Support

  • Dedicated coaching and training to tackle your key needs and objectives
  • 1 Dedicated expert
  • 2 to 3h Business Analysis & Audit on one channel
  • 1h Strategy Definition
  • 3-6h Specialised Training on more than 20 topics
  • 1h Monthly Reviews & Next Steps
  • Private WhatsApp channel
  • (£70 for additional hour)

From £890 /month


The Uppercut 👊
Growth Programme

  • Get the full resources, coaching experts' time, and in-depth training you need, every month.
  • 2 Dedicated experts
  • 7 to 10h Business Analysis & Audit across all channels
  • 2-3h Learning, Insights & Strategy Calls
  • 3-6h Specialised Training on more than 20 topics
  • 1-2h Monthly Reviews & Next Steps
  • Shared Drive with all Trainings and Meetings Recordings
  • Private WhatsApp & Notion channel for continuous consultancy
  • (£50 for additional hour)

From £1,390 /month

A little chat never killed nobody

It all starts with a simple no-strings chat. Tell us where you are and where you want to be and we'll surely have a plan to make it happen.

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