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Digital Marketing Specialist - Contractor/Freelancer - (3-6 months) - UK & France

We’re looking for an experienced Digital Marketing expert to become a key part of the PunchUp team, helping to manage and deliver growth to our international clients across the UK, France and Portugal. Plan is to progress to full-time after 6 months

Business Development/ Sales Freelancer

Flexible role to help us increase our pipeline and continuous generate more qualified leads. Full flexibility, comission-based.

Apprentice/Intern (Work placement) - Remote

1-3 month placement to learn with the team and develop skills and experience while helping us with international clients. Fully remote.

A unique success-proven approach to scale small and medium businesses.

Fully bespoke, hand-in-hand with your teams, every step of the way.

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ActiveCampaign Partner 

We are registered as ActiveCampaign partners, certified to implement their solutions and deliver training on their Marketing Automation Platform to any client on their behalf.