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Google Analytics 4 All

Essential Google Analytics Training for Marketers and Business Managers.
All you need to learn to access key business data and take better-informed data-backed decisions to improve your strategy and results.

→ 2h Online live training
→ Beginner level
→ Real-life and practical examples

Proudly certified:

“Uncomplicated, well-structured, and immediately actionable”

Marion Sarlé - Founder of Les Sourciers


Tired of hearing about Google Analytics but never had the time to get into it? Or you tried but it just looks too complicated? This course can change it all for you.

Our "Google Analytics 4 All" course is designed precisely for Business Managers, Marketers, Salespeople and anyone who needs to stay on track of how a business is performing online. It is thought for people who might have some or no experience at all in Google Analytics.

In less than two hours, you'll get a full end-to-end understanding of how your business data can be tracked, collected, analysed, built into reports and turned into actionable insights, allowing you to confidently take data-backed and data-driven decisons to improve your marketing and sales strategies.

This is a live course, not a recording, with real-life examples and the chance to put questions at any time during the lesson, including a Q&A part at the end as well.

About GA4 (Google Analytics 4)

Google Analytics 4 or GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics, replacing the old “Universal Analytics”. If you are just starting with GA, this makes no difference at all to you as you don’t need to care about any other versions.

NOTE: Since July 1st, 2023, all businesses have to adopt the new GA4 as Google terminated the older version of Analytics.

Training Agenda

  1. Why GA4 (Google Analytics 4)?
    • Main benefits and comparison to Universal Analytics


  2. Installation and Setup
    • Manual installation vs Google Tag Manager
    • Confirming it’s working properly

  3. GA4 Interface Fundamentals
    • Understanding the default reports
    • Different tabs, where to find what

  4. Segments, Filters, Dimensions
    • How to use filters and create Segments
  1. Events and Goals
    • How things are tracked
    • What should you track
    • Online Sales and Revenue view
  1. Audiences and Remarketing

  2. Traffic Sources 
    • Focus on how to see what channels brings best results
    • How to find actionable insights

  3. Q&A + Networking (30min)

Why do you need this training

Learning Google Analytics will allow you to understand your customers and your business better, allowing you make better-informed decisions. In simple points, you will be able to:

    • Track and understand your customers and potential customers better.
    • Know accurately the return of each of your marketing campaigns
    • Improve your marketing and sales strategy based on data and not guesswork
    • Access real-time and customised reports on your website and marketing performance, any time.

Do you want to transform your business by harnessing the power of the latest analytics platform? Look no further! Our online training course is designed to guide marketers and business owners through the essential elements of Google Analytics 4, empowering them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make data-driven decisions.
With a focus on practical insights and real-world applications, our comprehensive course covers everything from setting up and customizing your GA4 account to analyzing data, creating reports, and measuring ROI.
Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or new to the game, this course will help you keep up with and evolve in the digital world.

Who is it for

  • Business Managers,
  • Marketers,
  • Salespeople
    and anyone who needs or has an interest to understand how a business is performing online.

It’s a very complete beginners course, so everyone is welcome regardless of their previous experience with Google Analytics.

To take more value from it, it’s important your business already has a website and/or some online marketing activities running.

Sign up today and take the first step towards mastering Google Analytics 4!


The Price

General training

  • Max 10-15 people
  • 1.30h training
  • 30min for Q&A and Networking
  • Access to the recording
  • Dates Available: Last Thursday and Friday of every month, 1 session per day

Bespoke or 1to1 training

  • Exclusive to you and your team, with real examples using your channels
  • 1-5 people
  • 1.30h training
  • 30min for Q&A
  • Access to the recording
  • Contact to book a date

The Presenter

David Mendonça, Co-Founder and CEO of PunchUp

Over 11 years of experience in Digital Marketing, helping hundreds of UK businesses of all sizes and industries to scaçe and level up, implementing tailor-made strategies and upskilling their internal marketing teams.

Good Analytics is one of the pillars of a successful online presence and the first thing we look at when taking a business and preparing their growth strategy.

Discussion and in-depth analyses are polished and validated in our ultimate plans.


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Google Analytics 4 All

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