How we’ve helped FlexMo prove its viability and start scaling


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January 2023 - May 2023
With PunchUp help we were able to prove the market for our solution and prove the viability of our business
Ibrahima Touré
Co-Founder @FlexMo

FlexMo is a revolutionary solution for online shoppers in Africa, namely french-speaking countries, as they are the first company to bring a buy now pay later and pay in installments options to the region, guaranteeing secure and fast payments

FlexMo was a completely brand new business when they first contacted us.

Recently created, all they had was a great concept and the technology already developed but nothing else. No market prospection, no online presence, no acquisition strategy, nothing.

This was an extremely exciting time for both FlexMo and PunchUp as there was so much to do, with the main goal being proving the viability of the business as soon as possible in order to started raising funds. 

From the first day we’ve started communicating about FlexMo, through a highly targeted combination of LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, with several different formats and audiences, the response was incredible.

In only a couple of weeks there were already 7000 pre-registrations for FlexMo solution, which was way beyond the initial expectations from their side.

This of course was amazing results and gave enough arguments and metrics to approach initial investors and start scaling the business.