How we’re supporting some of the most innovative tech events in the world


How we’re supporting some of the most innovative tech events in the world

October 2020 - June 2022
The level of service has been amazing. Not only you're delivering what we need in time but also always going beyond with new ideas.
Alina Agarkova
Head of Marketing @TechCircus

Tech Circus is an independent company that produces educational events for the community of digital design, product & UX, operating internationally recognised events in London, Manchester, Amsterdam & New York, as well as virtual events for a global audience, bringing world class speakers in this field together.

We were invited to work on the following Events:

    • Global Experience Summit 2020
    • Global Fintech Design 2021
    • Global NFT Conference 2021
    • Business x Design Conference 2021
    • DeFi Conference 2022
    • Fintech Design Summit 2022
    • Behaviour and Design Conference 2022
    • Web 3.0 Conference 2022
    • Global NFT Summit 2022


After years of successfully running several events per year, Tech Circus, like every other business, had to rethink entirely their products and their strategy in order to face the Covid-19 pandemic, as all events were cancelled and nothing could be done in person anymore.

More than an obstacle, this was seen as the perfect opportunity to push Tech Circus to a worldwide audience, with no limits in attendance or venue constraints. The events were still happening, even bigger and better but fully online.

The challenge now was to “let the world know” and generate sales and registrations for the reinvented versions, fully remote, of all Tech Circus events. This is where we enter the story.

Tech Circus was already doing a great job in promoting their physical events but needed a team of digital experts to explore the full potential of the new online events.

From the first moment we looked at the project we understood that Tech Circus clearly stands out for the extremely qualified and specialised content of their events, with renowned speakers talking in detail about all things Design and UX, to not only but in particular an audience with very similar jobs as those speakers or people in the process of ascending to such roles.

With this in mind, and leveraging all insights given by the physical events they used to run, we new that the key for success was all on the targeting and tactical segmenting to find only the most relevant people in key markets across the Globe.

Being responsible by a channel-mix involving LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Search, Google Display and Youtube, and a combination of all ad formats, we focused on narrowing down the targeting to all people with jobs within the Product Design and UX being this our most valuable segments, alongside the remarketing audience from previous events.

Although this could sound a bit too narrow, the truth is by targeting virtually the entire world, this generates a great audience both in quality and quantity.

In total we have already worked for 5 different Tech Circus events (and counting!), replicating the same recipe in all of those, adjusting according to the topics and speakers in each of those.




This is just a quick summary about our partnership with Tech Circus. If you’d like to learn more and discuss this or other strategies, get in touch today for a free consultation.